Scrawl (Half scarf/half shawl) This is knitted as a triangle with ties added to the top of it. It is knitted with single threads and is a fun decorative garment. Great to be worn over a garment around the shoulders to add texture and colour. They are priced at $30.


Midnight-Black with some glitter.                     Pastel-Pale pink, blue, green and yellow.

Woodland-A mixture of brown and greens.       Greens A lovely mixture of all types of greens.

Cream A beautiful mix and range of creams.    Pink/purple Hot pinks and purples

Pale Pink                                                         Brights A full range of all colours mixed together.

Dark Browns                                                    Light browns

Browns and rusts.                                            Greys A mixture of greys and silvers.

Black/red and green-a popular combination     Black with a little colour.

Black with bold colour stripes.                         Green and black.

Purples.                                                          Under the sea-blues and greens

Brown and blue mix                                         Black with gold/mustard


​Evening Wrap ​This is knitted as a long rectangular wrap which is great to wear over evening wear, as a big thick scarf or as a textural addition to your wardrobe. They are priced at $75.

Poncho This is knitted with two threads and is suitable for cold weather. It is a great cover to wear over clothing as an extra layer. They are priced at $120.

Summer Weight Shawl This is knitted in a triangle shape using single threads. It is suitable for mild weather and is great to add texture and colour when layering clothes. They are priced at $60.

My knitted accessories and clothing are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres. I change threads either each row or every second row to achieve a blending of the colours and textures. When mixing the textures and colours I liken it to doing a painting, visualizing what the finished item will look like. No two items are ever the same. If ordering an item allow time for it to be created, about a week, and the item will be completed in the colour range that you have chosen. The items are designed to fit the average sized person, but these can be altered during construction. Please send me a request for pricing if you want the items size altered. At the bottom of the page I have listed the colour ranges that I knit. Each colour can be knitted in any of the different types of knitted items.


Stole This is knitted with double threads to give a thick warm cover. It is worn around the shoulders and fixed with a wool pin or brooch. It could also be used as a thick scarf. It does not have fringing. They are priced at $60.

Winter Weight Shawl This is knitted as a triangle shape using two threads for each row. It is suitable for colder weather. They are priced at $100.

Shrug These are lovely and thick knitted with double threads. They are worn by putting your arms through them and they then cover the shoulders and back. They are priced at $80.

Scarves I make long scarves which are knitted length ways with a fringe, a long round one without a fringe, a short round one which has no fringe and is worn like a cowl on a jumper. These can be knitted in all of the colour ways of all the knitted items above. The long scarves are $35, the long wrap scarves are $50, the wrap scarves $30 and hats are $20. The last two photos show new hat and scarf sets.

Chris's Creations