These can be made to be formal or more casual at whatever length you require. The average price is $250, this will change dependant on detail and amount or type of doilies used.


Dresses can be made both short and long and many different combinations of colours and styles. Generally when I am making a dress it is the doilies which help to define the style of the dress. I pin dresses and then leave them to check to see whether the placement of the doilies is appealing. The dress is made with a petticoat which can be attached to the dress or the dress can be sewn independent of the petticoat, which allows you to change the look of the dress by using different coloured petticoats under it. The dresses that I have photographed are ideas as I may not have these particular dresses available to buy. If you wish to order a dress please provide your measurements and the colour and style that you like. Please also look at the other doiley garments for ideas about colour combinations that could be used for a dress.  If you would like your dress for a special occasion and would prefer to have the dress fitted, if given enough time I can generally arrange to visit and do a fitting, if you live in Victoria or NSW. The cost for fittings is $50.



Short skirts

These skirts come to just on the knee. The length is dependent on the petticoat used to line the skirt. The doilies are attached to the petticoat. This is a selection of the short skirts I have at the moment. They are priced at $90.

Long skirts

​These are longer and would come down between the knee and ankle. They are also attached to the petticoat. They are priced at $110.

These are a few long dresses that I have made recently. Long dresses suitable to be used as wedding dresses can be seen in the wedding section. The long dresses are priced at $400, but this would change dependant on detail and amount or type of doilies used. 


​To be worn over leggings or over your shoulders like a shawl. They are made so that they fit most people and you pin them where they wrap over. Priced at $60

​Long Vest/ Jackets
These tops come down over the hips and bottom. They are to be worn over a T shirt or long sleeved top. They are fastened in the front with a skirt pin. They are priced at $70.


These are made overlapping doilies to create a top that can be changed by what is worn under it. Great when you go out casually or dress up an outfit. They are priced at $50.


Made from a round tablecloth embellished with extra doilies. They are sewn up from the bottom to create a sleeve and stop the poncho from swinging around the body. Priced at $50.

Singlet Tops​

​These tops are made with a singlet or camisole under them. They are generally longer than the overtops. They are priced at $60.

Vest/ Jackets

​These tops come to the hips they are to be worn over a T shirt or long sleeved top. They are fastened in the front with a skirt pin. They are priced at $60.

Chris's Creations

Wrap Tops

These are suitable for a fuller sized person. They are made from square and round tablecloths using the edges as the edge to the jacket. The are fastened with a skirt pin. The vintage green on the body in the first two photos is made using a round tablecloth. They can be short or long sleeved. The short sleeved is $65 and the long $70.

​Doiley Scarves

These are made using small doilies. Some of then contain all small special doilies and others have a base strip from a tablecloth and then doilies at added to the edges. They are priced at $15.


​Made from doilies cut in half I sell them as a small or short length. The short is about 2 metres for $25 ad the long 3 metres for $35. The ones photographed are in 3 colours white, cream and natural. I also make some which are made up of a variety of bright colours or they can be made to a particular colour theme e.g pinks. They can also be made to a longer length, please enquire for a price.