Chris's Creations

Doiley Skirts

Also made from a small round tablecloth these skirts will fit different sizes as the ribbon ties can be loosened or tightened. They are decorated with ribbons. They are priced at $30.


I have a variety of clothes for children either made from chenille or doileys. I first began making ponchos from polar fleece and these are a regular seller at markets.

Children's knitted shawl

These are knitted so that they would fit a 6 year old to a small 12 year old or even small adult. The ones I have in the photo show two pastel colour ways and one bright. They can be knitted to specific colours. They are priced at $40.

Chenille Pants

This is a selection of pants. They can be made in any colour way that you choose. They sometimes have appliqued hearts or pockets or they can be plain. They often have a striped leg and a plain leg to match. Sizes range from size 1 -12. Please let me know what you require. They are priced size 1-4 $30, 5-8 $40 and 9-12 $50.

​Ponchos- Polar Fleece

The pictures below show some of the ponchos that I have had over the years. I choose new fabric each year to make a new selection of ponchos. They are generally made with a patterned piece on one side of the poncho and a co-ordinated plain fabric on the other side. Decoration is mostly a hand appliqued motif that relates to the patterned piece. I will put some of the new designs up in the next couple of weeks or alternatively message me and I will send some photographs of what I have in the sizes that you require.

There is a varying price structure. Sizes 1 &2/3 $20, 4/5 &6/7 $25, 8/9 & 10/11 $30 and 12 $35

The last two photos show new fabric and colour. This design can be made in any size.

Doiley Wraps

​These are made by overlapping and folding doileys. They are great worn over leggings and I make them in a couple of different colour ways, but can do something specific for an order. The colour ways are brights, pinks, purples, pink and purple and blues. They wrap around the body so they will fit most children and could be worn for some time. A specific size can be made. They are priced at $40.

Ponchos- Doiley

These are made from a dyed tablecloth and contrasting doiley's are added to them. They are sewn so that they have an arm hole, so that they do not spin on the body. They are priced at $30 and they are sized small, medium and large.

Chenille Shorts

This is a small selection of shorts, please let me know what you would like. They can be short shorts or board short length. They can be wonderful colours or have a special pattern through them. They are priced by size. Sizes 1-4 $20,
5-8 $25, 19-12 $30 and Board shorts $5 extra.


​Ponchos- Chenille

Below is a selection of the chenille ponchos that I have at the moment. These are great for children to use when swimming. Some are made using two pieces of fabric like the polar fleece ponchos and others are made using the corners of a quilt, these have a curved hem and are like the adult ponchos.

​There is a varying price structure. Sizes 1 &2/3 $20, 4/5 &6/7 $25, 8/9 & 10/11 $30 and 12 $35