The skirts that I make are six panelled and they have a zip on the right side. They are made in sized 10-16 but can be made in other sizes. These are the colour ways that I have at the moment but can be made in other colours. They are priced at $65.

Cot Blankets

These are made to fit a cot and could be used later over the base of a single bed. they are priced between $100 and $120 depending on the complexity of sewing. Once again they can be made in specific colours or designs, if ordered.

Beach towel or Throw

These are huge towels double sided with chenille and fringed. Great to use to sit on the beach and then wrap yourself in it to get dry. Once again they can be made in specific colours or designs, if ordered. They are price at $120.

The above quilts are some of the quilts I have made or have at present. The first four quilts are queen size. The blue and white was made as an order as was the cream which also incorporated some lace and matching pillow cases. The last three are single quilts. The ballerina one is very unique.

These are the smaller throws. The first is a textured cream, the second orange and black, very retro, the third tans and browns, the fourth browns, the fifth vintage greens, the sixth burgundy and greens, the seventh browns and teal blues and the eight creams, peach and yellows.

I am disappointed in the above photos they are not a good representation of the colours. These are the large throws that I have at the moment. The first uses a quilt with great texture which is much more orange than what it shows, the second is a mixed cream, the third blue and white, the fourth pale green, pink and white and the fifth creams, peach and pale yellows.

The articles that I make are predominately made from vintage chenille bedspreads. The older chenille is more unique and it gives me a great sense of accomplishment to reuse something old and make it into a new and unique garment or furnishings. I check the preloved chenille for any faults but at times some small fault may be missed unintentionally.


This is a new product and these are the first selection of garments that I made. The sizes ranged from X small to X large.I have used quite unique candlewick chenille for these which means that they would be cool to wear. Great for over bathers. I have sold some of these since making them please enquire what is available in your size. They are priced at $60.


​To be used as a runner on a coffee table or dining table. These are just a few that I have made, the Christmas ones are very effective. they are priced at $45.

Chenille Products:

This quilt was made to order.It looks beautiful in its new home.

​Pram Blanket

These are made to be used in a pram or as a small throw or play mat. Once again they can be made in specific colours or designs, if ordered.


These are designed to be placed over the bottom of a queen bed. They can also be made to size and colour. The following are some ideas and I have used doiley's as well as the chenille creating shabby chic or retro throws. Queen bed sized runners cost $120.


These are sold at markets in two sizes 120cmx120cm or 140cmx140cm. They range in price from $100 to $140 depending on the size and complexity of sewing. They can be made to whatever size is required. The smaller size is great as a throw on a couch and the larger is a great throw on a bed. They can be made in whatever colours I have in chenille, please do not let the photographs limit the choices. Look at the other chenille products to see other colours and textures that can be used or make an enquiry. I can send photographs of the chenille that I have and you can choose what you would like or would suit your decor.

Chris's Creations

Chenille Bags

They have shoulder strap, two pockets one large and one small. Priced at $35.


​Quilts can be made to suit all sizes of beds. When making quilts they are backed with generally a full piece of chenille and are fully enclosed. I enjoy using unique textured pieces and matching them with coloured pieces of plain chenille. No two quilts are the same unless that is required, as I have limited amounts of chenille and colours. Quilts are priced at $200 for a single, $250 for a double, $300 for a queen and $350 for a king.

Cushions and pillowcases

I make a variety of cushion covers and pillowcases. They are generally made to match the throws or quilts that I have made. They can be made to whatever size and colour is required. These cushions are 45cm and have zip in the back and the pillowcases are made to accommodate the large pillows. They are sold for $30 each or two for $50.


At this time I have made my shorts 3/4 length or board short length.. I can make them to whatever length is required. The ones made using candlewick chenille lent themselves to being made into a 3/4 pant and the others followed. I make shorts for children in short and board short length, check them out in the children's section. They are suitable for both men and women as I use a unisex pattern. They are priced at $50. Not many left at the moment will put some new photos up soon.


This is the style of jacket that I make at this time. It has a fringed bottom and is a loose fitted style. It can have toggles or buttons on the front and can be made as XS to XL. The price for the jacket is $80.


Great to wear at any time. Very comfortable. They are suitable for both men and women as I use a unisex pattern. They are priced at $60. Not many left at the moment will put some new photos up soon. Can make to any size, colour, with or without fringe or pockets as long as I have your measurements.

​​Chenille Ponchos

These are a great accessory, they can be worn in winter for extra warmth or in summer after swimming. I have a few different styles. Some are plain with the texture or pattern of the chenille as decoration, others have doiley's added to them in a contrast colour or one that blends in and others are patch worked. They can be worn by both males and females. They can be made in most colours, but I need a quilt which is in good condition on the curved edge to make them, so it depends on what I have at the time. They are priced at $50. I make ponchos for children also, check them out in the children's section.