I make a range of doiley garments with both some new, but predominately recycled doilies, while some are used in their natural colour, many are dyed to hide stains from their previous life, giving them a new life. The garments that are made include jackets both long line and short length, singlet tops, over tops, skirts, scarves, wraps; which can be worn over leggings and jeans or worn as a shoulder wrap; and dresses both short and long. Doilies are also used to make brooches and to embellish scarves, fabric ponchos and chenille throws. I have a new range of pants and some special doilies mounted in frames.

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I knit a variety of scarves and hats, shawls both summer weight and winter weight, scrawls half shawl half scarf, stoles, evening wraps, skirts, jackets and ponchos. When I create these it is like doing a painting mixing texture and colour together to create something beautiful. They are created using a mixture of wool and synthetic threads. 

Chris's Creations

I also make to fit Wedding Dresses from doilies and can complete the bride’s big day with attendant’s dresses or accessories. Ponchos are made for children in polar fleece with decorations machine sewn or hand sewn and adult ponchos are made from a pure cotton, wool, wool mix and synthetic fabrics. Decorations for the adult ponchos are with threads, buttons, beads and doilies. 
I am using mainly vintage chenille fabrics to make throws, cushions, unisex adult pants and shorts, jackets, skirts and adult ponchos and children’s shorts, skirts, after swimming cover up for adults and children, and pants. I have been asked about Chenille dressing gowns and have revamped some, fixing seams, stains, thin areas and adding decorations with appliqués of chenille or doilies. I am also making covers for cushions and bedspreads for vintage caravans.

About us.

Chris's Creations is run by Chris McIntosh. All garments are made completely by me with love. I was a Home Economics and Textiles school teacher and after retirement am working full time on my passion. 

​I am ably assisted by my husband Warwick who is my driver, so that I can knit or hand sew, and also the buyer of doilies and chenille on eBay. The products that are produced are made with love and with an eye to creating something beautiful.